MA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths - open evening (6th Feb)

Hi hacker-artists,

We’re holding an open evening at Goldsmiths, U of London, for the MA/MFA in Computational Arts for those who want to learn more about it. It’s going to be on Wednesday the 6th of February 6:30- 7:30pm.

During the open day you’ll also be able to:

  • see the labs where we teach
  • you’ll get to play with the latest gadgets we use to make computational art
  • you’ll meet students currently on the course
  • see a short presentation about the MA/MFA

The students are also running a mini-popup exhibition that day so if you join us you’ll be able to see their work-in-progress from term one and the kind of work you’ll be doing after 3 months on the course. It’s a great opportunity to see computational art and learn about the course!

Join us for an evening of computational fun!

When: 6:30pm - 7:30pm Wednesday 6th of February

Where: Hatchlab, St. James Hatcham Church


Event info:

Hope to see you there. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

What do our students do?

Here are some final projects from the last couple of years:

Student-run Instagram page

See what our students are doing on the MA by following the course Instagram account

Who will teach you?

You should be taught by the best creative practitioners in their field. Here’s who was teaching on the MA this year. Look them up!

Need more information?

For more information as well as how to apply visit the link below.

Dr Theodoros Papatheodorou
Senior Lecturer in Computational Arts
Computational Arts MA/MFA Programme Leader (website - blog - instagram)

Department of Computing, Room 6, 29 St. James

Goldsmiths, University of London

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