Creating a library, errors while building javadoc

Dear world ;->

As already requested a couple of weeks ago volunteers, supporters needed ;->

I start to build an opencv lib for processing → 4.x on Raspberry 4 using
opencv 4.5.5 (java).

Make some progress so far, the lib works fine but I run in issues with javadoc during the build process ;-<

The Package exist and symbols are resolved during the build process. So the library is working.

But during the javadoc build process I see errors?

[jar] Building jar: /home/pi/eclipse-workspace/OPVCImage/tmp/OPVCImage/library/OPVCImage.jar
[javadoc] Generating Javadoc
[javadoc] Javadoc execution
[javadoc] Loading source file /home/pi/eclipse-workspace/OPVCImage/tmp/OPVCImage/src/OPVCimage/…
[javadoc] Constructing Javadoc information…
[javadoc] /home/pi/eclipse-workspace/OPVCImage/tmp/OPVCImage/src/OPVCimage/ error: package org.opencv.core does not exist
[javadoc] import org.opencv.core.MatOfInt;
[javadoc] ^
[javadoc] /home/pi/eclipse-workspace/OPVCImage/tmp/OPVCImage/src/OPVCimage/ error: cannot find symbol

[javadoc] 14 errors
[javadoc] location: class OPVCImage
[javadoc] /home/pi/eclipse-workspace/OPVCImage/tmp/OPVCImage/src/OPVCimage/ error: package org.opencv.core does not exist
[javadoc] import org.opencv.core.;
[javadoc] ^
[javadoc] /home/pi/eclipse-workspace/OPVCImage/tmp/OPVCImage/src/OPVCimage/ error: package org.opencv.imgproc does not exist
[javadoc] import org.opencv.imgproc.

I also added the generic javadoc path

But no success.

So I can either remove the javadoc part from build.xml or find a solution.
I use the library template for processing.

I appreciate an help on this isses.
As soon as I have some examples available I publish the lib on github.


Hi Tom, this is not a direct answer to your question, but maybe you could try my update of the opencv-library, it supports arm-hf and arm-64:

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