Create game launcher

I would like to create a game launcher with you. I already do a lot with processing only I don’t know how to start there can someone help me?

~ Montelia’RO :wink:

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What did you have in mind? A steam type applications which stores and launches games?

a game launcher that is wow-like

You know what i mean?

You mean like a pop-up before the actual game starts? Where the game developer shows you things such as recent updates, upcoming events, and advertisements?

I’ll make a sketch… wait a moment

something I mean:

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Is it like a start program for other different processing programs / games?

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yes for example that I can open with the launcher world of warcraft or minecraft for example


One approach would need two things:

  1. point-rectangle collision detection. Your games are represented by rectangles, hover over them and click on them to interact with them – highlight, or launch. Here is how you do that: Collision Detection

  2. You need a launch command that points at each application: Reference /

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