Create Font with Batik

Hello, If any body have a knowledge and Processing exemple with Batik SVG system with a focus on Font i’m very interresting. I try to make a font with Batik to create a cloud points with it like Geomerative, but I cannot mange to create font, so i’m locked at the first step of my research.

when I write this sentence the font creat is null

org.apache.batik.svggen.font.Font font;
String font_path = "/Users/.../.../Automaton Caps Light SSi Light.ttf";
font = org.apache.batik.svggen.font.Font.create(font_path);

link :

Have your tried it with a ttf font that Batik provides as a demo? Might be ttf features in Automaton Caps Light SSi Light.ttf that it doesn’t like.

Also, I’m assuming that you are using a real path, checked file permits etc., and the font file is valid and works when you test in other contexts…

Nop, I don’t try with the ttf provided for the demo, I try it this after-noon.