Could Processing run on MacBook M1?

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Processing is running using Java’s JVM, looks like there’s already Azul OpenJDK builds available for M1 :

I also link this previous thread : Big Sur and new Macs

Hi Josephh! Recently, I have taken the decision to buy a MacBook by replacing my old pc, and I am planning to go with macbook this version
So now my question is how can I set up processing on my new MacBook? Cause you know I am not a Mac user, it’s a bit difficult for me to download and setup processing on Mac. So, If it is possible to share, a guide on how to download and setup processing on Mac, please share. Thanks in Advance

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Hi @rkric258!
Are you trying to use Processing version 3.5.4? Or have you tried the Mac M1 Silicon chip version of Processing 4.0 available here: Download /
I haven’t had much problems running P4 on the M1 chips. After you download the MacOS .zip file it should just be an .app bundle which can be moved to the Applications folder, or run from any other directory you choose. Double-click on the icon and it should run.
If you get errors or it isn’t opening or downloading for some reason, please post those here so people can help you.
Good luck!