Corrupted .pde?

So after working on a project for 5 hours on my Ubuntu laptop, I get home and try to open it on my pc:

Is the file simply corrupt? Any way of recovering it?

EDIT: Someone suggested checking for temp files on a Windows directory. I forgot to mention that I did see some temp files appear in the project folder. They just disappeared when shutting down the laptop.

pde files are simple text files try and open it in notepad. If it opens then try and save it back as plain text

It still looks like a corrupted file :confused:

I assume you still have the sketch on your laptop so not all is a total loss.

What happens when you create a sketch on your PC does Processing display the text OK?

If it does try running a sketch created on your PC opn your laptop i.e. reverse the process

Thing is I’m a dumbass and instead of copying the sketch from my laptop I cut it… But I’m pretty sure that even if I tried opening it on the laptop it would be corrupted because the temp files were already gone.

It’s weird because only the first 2 tabs are corrupted, but I don’t really care anymore since I spent the last 3 hours rewriting the corrupted part…