Controlling Proscene's camera with OSCP5 controls

Hello, i recently started using the Proscene library in my sketches, and now i want to have control over the camera without using the mouse.

I am also using the OSCP5 library, and i want to use a XY Pad to control the camera, instead of the mouse.

I tried to do some research, and i think creating a class that extends the MouseAgent (or the base agent) seems to be a good idea, since this is how the information from the Mouse is processed inside Proscene. But this is my only clue, since i can’t find examples, i am not sure how to make this work.

From OSC i receive {x, y} values with range [0, 1].

Can someone give me a clue how to use these values to control the camera, in the same way as the mouse does?