Extra rotation added while using Proscene

Hello all! I am currently using the Proscene library to control 3D panning, rotation, and zooming, and one thing I noticed is that when rotating a scene by pressing on the left mouse button while dragging the mouse (or by pressing the scroll-wheel while dragging the mouse), there is a little bit of extra rotation that is added on at the end even after I’ve already stopped moving the mouse and released the mouse button.

Is there a way to make it so that there is no extra rotation added even after I’ve stopped moving the mouse or released the mouse button?

Sorry in advance, I have no experience with Proscene, but my first guess is that they include a sort of “momentum” to make the drag-and-move experience smoother.

I’ve used the peasycam library in the past for drag-and-move 3D nav, and, given it’s barebones nature, it doesn’t have a “drift”. Maybe check that out?