Contribute a new translation

Hello everyone, I would like to contribute a Catalan translation to Processing development environment (the sketchbook).

I couldn’t find any information or instructions on how to contribute a translation, neither in the processing’s github page nor in the website ( Nothing in this forum on this subject either.

I found some interesting conversation under the processing-docs project though: new translation system ongoing?. This what REAS wrote in the post on December 2019.

We are starting work on a new way to build the site and a new translation system is a priority. I’m going to close this thread for now and we can discuss the translations in more detail when the time comes.

I’ve been searching the github page and I think I have a loose idea of how to tackle this. I would just mimic other translation commits I’ve found. You can have a look at the Italian translation commit. Only three files need to be modified:

I don’t know if there is a protocol for doing translations as of today (January 2020) which I should comply to. Moreover, I don’t think it’s easy for non-programmer to get to contribute a translation as things are now. Fortunately there are instructions to build Processing’s code from source, which I will need in order to see the translation in use and verify everything is ok before sending a pull request.

Could someone tell me why there are no tutorials on how to contribute translations? Or, if there are, point me to one? On the other side, if my effort is futile for some reason, please, tell me so as well.

Thank you.

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I just found a hidden(?) page on localization in the processing wiki with the instructions I outlined in my previous message. But that page is not reachable from the project’s wiki, I found the page by chance by following a link in an issue ticket.

Shall I not start the translation? As it seems the information is hidden on purpose.


Hi trikaphundo – thank you so much for your interest in contributing this translation. have you opened an issue on GitHub with this question, and were you able to get in touch with @REAS ?

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Yes, this file is the spot for information: As you mentioned, you can replicate the steps for the other translations. I think people usually submit a pull request on Github after the work is done.


If you need any support on building / submitting a pull request, let us know how we can help.

Suggestions for the community on making translation more accessible are also most welcome – I’m can’t speak for the core developers here, but the community greatly benefits for translation and language accessibility.

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What about a protocol for translating the language reference?

We had a Processing 1.0 Portuguese translation of the reference ( , now I have found some people willing to make a 3.X version… but we lack an entry point.

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@REAS are there people in the core team who could point out or give advice on such a protocol / entry point – or just permission to tackle it ad-hoc?

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Translating the entire site or the entire reference into other languages is a primary goal for us, but the current website isn’t set up for it. We are trying to get a new website infrastructure working that will allow for complete translation.

So, we are working on a new entry point for translations. That work was hard to get started, but it is moving forward now. I’m hopeful.



Some of the references and examples could use an update; ideally this should be done before translating.

I am willing to contribute to this as time permits.

One example only:

This references byteBuffer and interesting in description but not in the syntax or parameters:

This old version is correct:

Something was lost in translation from old site (2010) to current one and will be again to another language.

Let me know how I can help.
I am already updating these for my own use.

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For Reference errors, please either report them here or make a pull request. We’re very grateful for Reference error reports.