Combining textToPoints with Daniel Shiffman’s Space Colonization Algorithm to create leaves

Hello! I am trying to create a project where i want to combine Daniel Shiffmans code from his Coding Challenge and a textToPoints Function. I want to use the points from the texttopoints array as leaves instead of his random leaves.
I tried to push a new Leaf for every pts in the array in the tree.js file but i only get errors I also tried to implement my typo.js function in the leaf.js file, but also only errors.
I can´t figure out myself to do this.

I would be so thankful if anyone could help me with this.

here you can find the complete project: editor.p5.js
I changed everything back, so that the code works.

All the best,

I changed everything back, so that the code works.

Welcome. Well, you really need to post YOUR code so folks can try and help you with your errors. It’s also good for you to post the errors themselves that your getting. Cheers.

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