Coding problem 123 (Messy Curve Draw)

I found this code from the following site, but I do not see anything by changing the values. Can anyone help me?

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What values are you changing?

var subStep = 800;

if(windowWidth < 600)

Cannot read property ‘width’ of undefined (sketch: line 81)
image is not defined (sketch: line 11)
Event {isTrusted: true, constructor: Object}
isTrusted: true
: “Event”

  1. name: “Event”
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘width’ of undefined (sketch: line 81)

Please show your code with the changes


I can change values on OpenProcessing and see changes to running sketch.

I downloaded the sketch and can run it on a local web server and can see changes.

It also works with Processing PDE in P5.s mode.

One of the variables I changed was:
var maxSpeed = 3.0; //Changes to 1.0

Take a look here:
get started | p5.js It has a link to running a local server.