Coding a P2P sharing app

Hi guys,

I’m trying to buid a p2p app for sharing files over an intranet.

I’m a teacher and I want a quick way to deploy files over my classroom.
I have think about a drag and drop admin interface which will deploy files to all the listening clients over the network.

Have you experienced with processing and p2p? is there any library?
Thanks in advance

This smells like something that shouldn’t be implemented using Processing.

It sounds like you’re going to need a server, maybe a database, and some clients with a relatively complicated user interface. While you can do this stuff in Processing, it’s not exactly trivial.

If I were you, I’d think about low-tech solutions first. Would a simple networked drive solve your problems?

If not, then I’d start thinking about the various technologies you’re going to need. Do you need a database? Do you need a server? Lastly, what should your clients look like? Notice that the clients come last: if you’re already thinking about “nice to have” features like drag-and-drop, then you’re probably thinking about things in the wrong order.

Shameless self-promotion: here is a guide that talks about building a non-trivial application that requires a server. It’s geared towards app development, but a lot of the advice in it applies to what you’re talking about.

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Indeed I don’t want a complicated interface, nor even a database.
A drag & drop window for the “server” (you can have that with sDrop) and a file list for the clients with some scrolling bars. Really clean and simple.

I just want to know if someone has experimented with any p2p library and processing.
I know there are few of them in java.

If you are in a Windows network, you can setup one of the windows services to share files.

You could also setup an FTP server where each client connects and fetches the files. You would need just few commands.

I am curious: what does your network look like? How many computers and what is the OS? Are you considering mobile phones as well? As just saw another topic asking about android but I am not sure if it is related to this post.


I know I can use samba or ftp services to share files but I want to use a p2p protocol. It must be distributed.
The classroom network is composed of 30 pcs with windows or linux.

I’m sure my idea is not the easiest or the simplest but this is part of the game. :wink:
I have fun coding and I want to code a p2p sharing app using processing as a challenge.

I cannot see any problem to code it, in the end is just java with steroids.