Coding a composite image of images that randomly shuffle in placement

I know how to code basic Python, but am brand new to Processing/p5j.s. Any help would be appreciated on the steps needed to do the following:

I want to code an array of images to fill the background of a webpage, and have the position of each image randomly shuffled each time the page is refreshed. The images would be pulled from a folder of 1600 images (300x300 pixels each). With each refresh, every image is still present on screen but in a different place on the canvas. The images are quite abstract so the idea is that a different pattern is generated each time, creating a composite image that is never the same.

in setup

  • load all images in an array arr
  • shuffle that array

in draw
make a nested for-loop to achieve a grid

int k=0; 
for x....
    for y......
        image (arr[k], x*300+300, y*300+300); 

upon restart

  • shuffle arr

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