Code editor dedicated to learning

Hi there, these past months I´ve been collaborating with André Anastácio to develop this code editor with some GUI helpers.

It was developed during a library hacking artistic residence.

The goal was to create something that could help young people easily create histories using code without coding. But eventually learning to code.

To acquire that, we also got Tiago Rezende’s help, and we created a full JavaScript compiler, which enables us to manipulate JS as a tree of objects.

Now the project is only available in Portuguese, but It is open-source here, in case you want to help improve it.



Hi @vamoss – congratulations on the project, and thank you for sharing this. The code generation approach is very interesting.

Do you hope to localize this into other languages, and if so would you like volunteers to help with translation?

One problem that I encountered was with the Imagem image wizard, which inlines the image as data / base64. I initially grabbed a large screenshot as a test, and after inlining all that base64 text the editor live wizards slowed to a crawl – 15-30 second delays just to drag a slider or type a letter into a dialog box. One workaround might be to swap the raw data out of the editing window whenever a dialog opens.

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Hi Jeremy,

I was never notified about your message, it’s been almost a year!

There is room for a lot of improvements.
It is working as a good prototype now.

I would love to see more people engaging with the features and helping to improve the tool.


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Did you update the version in the link?

Thank you!


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The version is still the same.


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