Changing which browser PDE users on Run command

Newbie Question
When I hit “Run” I would like my sketch to open in Chrome and not Safari, but I need to keep safari as my default browser. I saw another thread where it suggested going into the preferences.txt file and changing the line “launcher=xyz” but when I open the preferences.txt file I cannot see which line is controlling the browser… I searched “launcher” ans “safari” and various iterations in the .txt but nothing jumping out.

Hi @Tatcoddes,

I think that if the line doesn’t exist, you need to simply add it to the preferences.txt file (and restart PDE). :wink:

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Do you know exactly the verbiage to add by any chance?

“launcher = Google Chrome” didn’t work and neither did “launcher = Chrome” etc… I am surprised I cant seem to find any info on this online. Right now I just copy paste from the address bar in Safari to the one in Chrome, which does work but its a bit hacky.

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Another option is to download Chrome, place it in your Applications folder, and then drag it onto the Dock. When you want to use p5.js, open the p5.js WebEditor in Chrome and keep all your .js files over there. You can then have MacOS with Processing on one side of your screen and p5.js WebEditor running in Chrome on the other side. Any necessary copy/pasting between the two is then quite easy. And you still have Safari available full time for internet work, searches, forum visits, etc.