Changing video speed smoothly

Hello, I am wondering if it may be possible to change the speed of a video file dynamically without the result having a choppy appearance - ie to speed up to or slow down smoothly to a specified rate.

Which video library? Simply put - unlikely. But try different codecs.

I’ve only been experimenting with mov files in the library

Mov is a container not a codec. Make sure to try with different codecs. Also, if you’re not already, try v2 beta of the video library.

However, I’m not sure you’ll have much joy. Working directly with GStreamer I’ve had the same problem. Also be careful how frequently you try and change speed. Are you setting it every frame when transitioning?

I anticipated that resetting it that rapidly would be quite taxing so at the moment I only have it updating to a new speed every 30ms but without any kind of ramp, just a hard reset. i’m only working with files downloaded from youtube while I test things so I have limited control of codec (but video is relatively new territory for me as a musician so maybe there’s a simple converter?)