Change tint/color of image on click

Hi! I am new to processing and I was wondering if it is possible to change the tint of an image on click?

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Yeah. Have a boolean variable that tracks if the tinting should happen or not.

Initially it has a false value and so the tinting (which is done conditionally ) is not done.

When a click is detected, set the boolean to true.

Then the condition is true, and the tinting is done.

// Not a running example - look at the code's structure!
boolean do_tint;

void setup(){
  do_tint = false;

void draw(){
  if( do_tint ){

void mousePressed(){
  do_tint = true;
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Thank you so much!

What statement can I add so that when the user click on the image again, the the image goes back to its original state (no tint)?

Good question! You can add addition logic to the mousePressed() function, to do different things based on if there is currently tint or not. This means adding a conditional statement:

void mousePressed(){
  if( do_tint ) { // If there is tint now,
    do_tint = false; // Stop doing the tinting.
  } else { // Otherwise, there is was no tint,
    do_tint = true; // so start doing the tinting.

This basically causes the tinting to toggle from true to false or false to true each time the mouse is clicked.

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Ok, so I’m doing this for multiple images. A group of images stay not tinted and another set is supposed to change from not tinted to tinted.

Do I create two boolean variables for the two? Because they keep getting tinted if I use the if else statement.

Does each image need to have it’s own variable tracking it it is tinted or not?

Or are there groups of images that all tint/untint together?

In any case, you will need one boolean for each set of things that tint together (even if that set is a single image).