Change .obj file

Hello I have question to ask. I use the cuberotate file from Adafruit BNo055 file (example_processing file) and I tried to change the bunny.obj to other object. I have the autocad 3D modelling file in .obj and .mtl I tried to change the bunny into my 3D autocad object but it written this:

Loading this = headexcavator.obj
Loading this = headexcavator.mtl
material: ‘DefaultMaterial’
Obj Name: default
and nothing appeared when I run the coding. Can somebody help me? Thank you.

Try just working with your .obj first to see if that is the issue:
loadShape() / Reference /

I have lots of fun with the BNO055!
The Euler angles have a bug in this device and ended up using quaternions in the end.


Hello giv. Thanks for the info and its working. I have another question. From BNO055 i wanted to make rotation from the sensor in processing.

That is not a question; it is a statement.

The libraries and examples that I am working with (Adafruit is just one) get raw data from sensor and send serial data (strings that are comma delimited and terminate with a line feed).

Arduino Snippet
void loop(void)
  // Quaternion data
  imu::Quaternion quat = bno.getQuat();
  imu::Vector<3> absoluteEuler = bno.getQuat().toEuler();
  Serial.print("qW: ");
  Serial.print(absoluteEuler.y(), 2);
  Serial.print(absoluteEuler.x(), 2);
  Serial.print(absoluteEuler.z(), 2);

  // Quaternion data
  imu::Quaternion quat = bno.getQuat();
  Serial.print("qW: ");
  Serial.print(quat.w(), 4);
  Serial.print(" qX: ");
  Serial.print(quat.y(), 4);
  Serial.print(" qY: ");
  Serial.print(quat.x(), 4);
  Serial.print(" qZ: ");
  Serial.print(quat.z(), 4);


You must then receive this data on Processing and can use that data for rotations.

I did a lot of work on this a few years back and there are examples out there to work with to get you started. Start there.

You could write some Arduino code to generate and send data and receive that with Processing without a sensor at first and then add the sensor later.

I had fun with the BNO055.

The Euler angles have a bug in the BNO055 and I used quaternion to Euler conversion.


thank you for the idea. i have another question. is it possible to connect bno055 with esp now?


The BNO055 has a UART mode.
The ESP8266 has a UART and can be used as a UART to WiFi bridge.

If you want to use a preferred interface you can:

  • Connect BNO055 to Arduino with SPI, I2C or UART
  • Process (format) the data however you wish.
  • Arduino UART to ESP8266

I have several UARTs on my Arduino MEGA 2560 R3.

The BNO055 is on a break board and comes in many different flavors; this may limit your options depending on the board you have.

What are you sending to with the ESP8266?

That is enough to get you going…

There is a lot of information out there so not sharing any links.
I have a folder full of them and will have to scrutinize them first before sharing.

Have fun!


i’m using esp32 and connect with bno055… i wanted to send the raw data of bno055 from the example that i used in arduino library by using esp now… but seems like the raw data cannot be transferred to my other esp32…


I have not connected a BNO055 directly to a ESP32 so can’t assist with this.
I don’t have an ESP32 to test this with.

Are you able to send data from Arduino UART to ESP32 and receive on an other ESP32?



Yes i’m not using arduino microcontroller but i used esp32 i2c to connect with bno055… and from esp32 i used esp now concept to send the data from one esp32 to another esp32