Capture and preview multiple computer outputs


General question, I am looking into a way to capture multiple video outs. I would love to be able to preview all video going to different monitors / projectors from a computer. If there is a library or even an app someone could point me to that would be fantastic.

For example, sending video to 2 different projectors from a separate application. The computer natively sees these devices. I am looking for a software solution (or one that I could build) to capture / preview what the computer is outputting. Starting with 1 display, I haven’t found a great solution for “streaming” the desktop - let alone adding in multiple outputs.

Your request is very vague. You can write some processing code and then run it on each computer. It gets complicated if you have to work in different OS or even having different configurations/versions.

You send data using udp (For example see this) to a single server. Keep in mind there is so much a single server can handle.

I suggest you run the client and server tutorial. Then work with the video tutorial. Get the udp tutorial by Dan and then integrate the concepts into a single app.

Nothing out of the box that I know of…


My apologies. To clarify, I am looking to capture the actual desktop or video from another application - for example Qlab or Isadora. In these cases they both have multiple video outputs from the computer, is there a way to capture that video? (Without requiring a hardware solution)