Can't add Syphon library through library manager

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I apologize in advance if my information is not specific enough. I am unable to import the Syphon library into Processing v2.2.1 through the Library Manager. I’ve attached screencaps of the error I receive. How can I resolve this and add the library? I have to use v2.2.1 for my current project.


Hi jhow,

On the GitHub repository of the library, it is written the following:

Syphon library for Processing 2.0 and up. Note that latest revision on master is compatible with 3.0 only. Use the v2 branch for the last version compatible with 2.0.

I guess that you need to manually install the proper version of the library so it can be compatible with your version of processing.

Here a link to help you with that:

Thanks for your reply! When I try to download the 2.0 version of the library, I am unable to manually add it to my libraries folder (~/Documents/Processing/libraries/), I suspect because the folder structure is incorrect. Also, there is nothing even in the “Java” folder in the download from GitHub. Is this why I am getting the Java alerts? And how should I be structuring my folders to actually manually add the library? I’ve attached a screen shot of what the unzipped file looks like from GitHub.

Another pic

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Did you solve your problem? It seems that your are not in the correct folder. I’m not on mac but I think it should be the same than on windows.

You Processing folder should be called “Processing” and not “Processing_2_0”. It is not where processing is installed, it’s a folder created by processing in you documents folder.

My documents/Processing folder looks like this:

And in the libraries folder I have all my labraries installed:

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Hopefully this is resolved, but in case anyone else is in this situation - the latest version of Syphon for Processing 2 can be downloaded here:

Unzip it and install it to ~/Documents/Processing/libraries

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