Can't add more than 30 pictures in my program ( android mode )

Hello, I have a problem !

I’m trying to develop an android game with precessing using the android mode.
All was going fine, and I could use the preview on my phone, but now, since I added my 30th picture in my program, everytime I try to add a new picture and to load it with " loadImage " , when I try launch the program on my phone, It fails !
I tried to launch it with the java mode on my PC, and it works !
So I was wondering if anybody knew if there is a picture limit using the android version ? This would be awesome if someone could help me !
Thank you ! :smiley:

How big are the pictures? Do you need to load them all at the same time? If loading an extra picture causes the problem, then you need to look into loading the pictures by batches, for instance.