Cannot find an Android SDK

I have setup android mode on Linux but when i try to run android mode it gives me the error box “cant find an android SDK…”. I am running version 3.5.4.

The behaviour varies between showing the error box and then asking to point to where the android SDK is (in my case home/richard/Andoid/SDK/) which doesnt work or the error box is empty and has frozen such that i cant do anything and have to kill the application manually using xkill.

Is there a fix for this or do i have to attempt a reinstall of android mode.

Any help is much appreciated.


this folder works on windows 7 try to select same version of sdk may works on linux

Hello @jafal,

Please provide some context and details if sharing this file.

This seems to be the original post:

I have always used Android Studio for my SDKs.

Also see:

I generally go to the original source for files.



yes this is the original post:

i downloaded it without Android Studio then i chose the processing sdk path and it is run in android mode

the main issue with unprofessional people is that its hard to determined the sdk version that works with processing and Android Studio

as for you it is easy to do so with Android Studio but the new users like me and many others may facing some difficulty and this folder seams good start

i pointed to this folder more than once to others and they could run android mode easy

thanks for your kind passing