Can the program be automatically updated like 'OTA'?

Can the program be automatically updated like ‘OTA’?

  • OTA(Over-the-air programming)
    Does anyone have a good method or experience?
    Like the picture, is there any way to do it? I wonder.

I’m following this too, because I’m writing a program I’d like to fully update OTA. I’ve stored as much as I can in configuration files that I read into the main program. You can read/write with a variety of Java calls, and Processing has exit() that you can use as a hook to perform server read/local write operations on exit.

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Dear PerryJohnson / @PerryJohnson

Thank you for answer. I understand the big meaning. However, it would be of great help if there were example source codes.

thank you

Sorry, I don’t have time to write code now but perhaps a forum search or someone else will chime in.

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Okay, I’ve coded up an update system for my app and the idea might work for you too. From my app, I zip up the sketch directory, upload the compressed file to my server via FTP. Through java code within my program, I can also download that zip and extract it to the running sketch folder. Any duplicates will be replaced by default. I’m using the built-in and which you can include in your code directory.

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Thank you for answer. have a good day.
thank you.