Can I read_voltage.pde to graph voltage as sound?

Pretty new to Processing so hopefully this makes sense:

Am currently running voltage.ino on an Arduino and am graphing the voltage in Processing using read_voltage.pde. This allows me to see a visual of the voltage however I wanted to know if it is possible to the same but with an audio output?
Can anyone recommend a library that I could download that may help with what I am looking for?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

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hi there,
happy to have you here.

when you ref to a arduino sketch and a processing sketch ? talk to each other ?
there are two good ways:

  • link to the reference / example / tutorial / video / where you find that
  • post the code here
    ( using the </> Preformmated text editor menu button to paste it in )

processing comes ready with a internal sound library

and two big additional ( means can load via the contribution manager )

all can play sound but also create noise…

after you have installed a add library you might need to restart processing to find its loaded examples.

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