Can I create text tools?


Here is a text tool for MS Paint. Can you do something like this in processing?

Yes you can. You could do it with either text() or actually use the TextArea class.

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Thank you for your kind reply. However, I hope to create a new text area when I click and drag.

Let’s be clear about this: Processing can do this. But when we say that it can do it, we mean that it provides you with the ability to draw whatever you like inside your sketch. We do not mean that it is going to provide you a built-in menu system and font selector magically somehow - it is up to you to make it! In short, the sketch provides you with a lower-level access to drawing. It does not provide the higher-level, instant-UI-making capabilities that some other tools might!

Of course, there are some libraries that will provide basic UI elements…

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Thank you for your kind reply. I want to find some cool examples, but it’s not easy.
I will reply someday if I do it! Thank you!

take a look at
processing 3.4
/contributed libraries/G4P/G4P_TextAreaControl

after install:
/tools/add tool/
tab libraries
G4P 4.1.5