CAN bus library or CAN alternative


I need to access a CAN Bus from my processing sketch. I have not found any processing library that can do it. I have tried it with java and I have not found anything either.

I have a star topology with different arduinos and a CAN hub. I connect a raspberry to the CAN hub and run my processing sketch on the Raspberry Pi.
To the CAN network I connect 2 raspberry Pi with screens and 3 Arduinos, although it would be possible to increase it to 4 or 5 Arduinos.

This would be my main idea, with the CAN proposition.

It would be open to other formulas, with certain restrictions:

  • It has to be wired.
    -I may need a long cable, about 4 or 5 meters. (Think in a car).

I thought of simply using usb connected to usb hub and this hub connected to a Raspberry pi, but it limits the access of a second or third Raspberry Pi to the data that arduinos offer.

Thank you for your answers!

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Don’t know if this is any good? They have nice APIs, including Java, for all their stuff.

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Thank you! I think it’s a good alternative. May be a little expensive because I would need 2 “shields” the Brick (Master or Hat) attached to a USB of the Raspberry Pi and the CAN Bricklet attached to the Brick. About 50€ + shipping cost (10€). But there is a really good alternative.

Any other alternative it’s wellcome.

Yes, it’s not necessarily the cheapest solution, but they’re well made / thought out devices, and I like the fact that the whole stack (software and hardware) is open source, and they’re really responsive. I built support directly in to PraxisLIVE and have built a few interactive projects with them, like this (using NFC reader to trigger videos, and IR and rotary encoder to play with them).

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