Can Android mode do timelapse image capture and FTP upload

I have an upcoming project where i would like to:

  1. capture an image,
  2. store the image to on-board storage (SD card or internal),
  3. upload the image to an FTP server,
  4. wait till next image capture time then repeat.

I have successfully done this using a microprocessor (Arduino MKR) and camera module on a breakout board but i thought it might be better and more fun to do it using a cell-phone programmed using processing for Android.

Is this something that could be accomplished using Android mode in processing or would i be better off using Android studio, droid script or something similar.

Any help or ideas is much appreciated.


1, 2, and 4 are 100% possible. Not sure how to connect to ftp server but im sure theres some code in the wild for that.

@katesfb ===
1,2,3 are easy to do with android processing (or AS of course); as for 4 i think that you need some callback from the server

And thanks for the replies, its good to know that it all seems to be doable.

Another feature that will be required is that the phone goes into some form of power saving mode when not collecting and uploading an image, to prolong battery life.

Apparently there is a power manager class that can be accessed by importing


Has anybody had any experience of using the power manager class for putting the phone into a power saving mode?

Any help is much appreciated.


@katesfb ===
No; the PowerManager API is not for what you want; on the contrary it permits to lock the device with a wakeLock, complete or partial; as for acceeding to “power saving mode” there is not any way as far than i know because each device has specific mode to do that manually.