Broadcast to AWS


I need guidance for a new project that fell on my lap.
I need to stream a float array from processing to AWS and then broadcast it to multiple mobile app clients.
I’m clueless about this. Never been on this side of tech.

Thank youall in advance


care to walk me through it? didn’t understand any of it.
i also didn’t see how can i start to broadcast it

Oops, indeed those links were about receiving rather than transmitting data.

However, I don’t have any of the hardware and can’t help you much, sorry.

Anyways, a possible approach for transmitting a float[] array is having byte[] of length = 4 times the length of float[].

Then wrap() & asFloatBuffer() that byte[] array in order to get a FloatBuffer out of it.

From now on you can auto-convert the contents of float[] to byte[] via method FloatBuffer::put(), followed by method rewind().

After that you can transmit the whole byte[] array, which now contains the float representation of the float[] array, using the Serial::write() method.

However, you’re still gonna need to convert the broadcast byte[] back to a float[] array inside your mobile app.

You could make a model of serial communication with float arrays if you had an Arduino; do you have an Arduino?

it was a lot easier than i tought, just using websocket library