Blurred Image instead of pixels visible


how can I make the pixels of an image stay sharp on screen?
When I create them directly with the set-Method, they stay sharp.
When creating an image - they get blurred (which is usefull if there are gradients, but I want the pixels to stay visible as pixels). I did not find a constructor to change this effect.

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Try noSmooth().

What do you mean by “creating an image”? Are you using rect(), ellipse(), etc.?


i mean the createImage method

why you not link to your project ( or better MVCE ) at
so we could see in a second what it looks like ( and what code produces it )

so i would guess:
that you loose some quality by showing a p5.image
when you use the 5 parameter way ( to zoom / fit it )
while when i use the 3 parameter way it is ‘sharp’

i play here

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But thank you very much! noSmooth worked perfect!