blendMode in 3d space

hello guys!
i’ve a problem…i’m try to blend with mode ADD some png images in a 3d space, the problem is that it create artifacts, and transparency of background is removed

class Particle {
  PVector pos;
  PImage img;
  Particle() {
    img = loadImage("reflection.png");
    img.resize(img.width/20, img.height/20);

  void display(PVector pos, float size) {
    this.pos = pos;
    translate(0, 0, pos.z);
    image(img, pos.x, pos.y, size, size);
import peasy.*;
ParticleSystem ps;
PeasyCam cam;
int numParticles = 2000;

void setup() {
  size(1920, 1080, P3D);
  cam = new PeasyCam(this, 400);
  ps = new ParticleSystem();

void draw() {
  translate(-width/2, -height/2);

this is the piece of code that i use to overlap the image
is there a work around to avoid this problem?

Perhaps blend them with ADD onto a PGraphics buffer, then draw the buffer onto the P3D canvas with image(buffer, x, y) after everything is blended?