How to overlay an image over another in P3D

In processing.js, how would you overlay an image over another one in P3D mode?

Here is my code:

    /* @pjs preload="duck.jpg"; */
    /* @pjs preload="a.png"; */ 
    PImage imageDuck;
    PImage imageA;
    void setup() {
     	size(500, 500, P3D);
    	imageDuck = loadImage("duck.jpg");
    	imageA = loadImage("a.png");
    void draw() {
        image(imageDuck, 0, 0);
    	image(imageA, 0, 0);

So what the code trying to do is to display a duck image, then overlay another image name a.png (with transparent background) on top of it.

When I use the normal size(500, 500); without the P3D mode, the image overlay works perfectly.

However, I am using P3D because the next thing I am going to do is to rotate my images together.

So in this size(500, 500, P3D) mode, I can see my a.png flashed once, then only my duck image shows. If I comment out duck, a.png will show. If I comment out a.png, my duck shows. If I reorder the image() call, still only the duck image shows. I added translate(0,0,-1) or translate(0,0,1) in between my image() calls, no luck, only my duck image shows.

Is this even possible?

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translate(0,0,1); between the 2 images

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What about hint(DISABLE_DEPTH_TEST);?

Hey @rainfox !

Do you mind uploading those images so we can test it out?

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Once Pjs spots the 1st /*@pjs */ directive comment block within a sketch, it skips the others! :skull_and_crossbones::warning::skull:


I have tried that with no luck as mentioned in the description. Always only duck shows.

Thanks for the help. My full testing code is in openprocessing:


Wow, I move them into 1 line, then add a translate(0,0,1) in between, now they show as expected!! Thanks!