Bezier SQL MySQL SSL / TLS security

Hello Everyone,
At the outset I would like to complement the entire Processing Team and associates for a fantastic and a capable open source development platform.

I have used BezeirSQL Library for storing my data of a project into Cloud SQL ( Google Cloud Mysql ). I want to know how to use SSL / TSL security for the connection. I was not able to find any support on this anywhere on the BezeirSQL website or any of the forums.

Does anyone have any experience of connecting using SSL / TLS with BezeirSQL Library or any other library.

Would really appreciate your kind support.

Also please excuse my ignorance if I have understood it wrong ( heard somewhere JAVA ODBC doesnt need SSL or something like that ).

isn’t it bezier SQL ?

Yes it is BezierSQL Library.

However, I want to know how to use SSL/TLS encryption while connecting to MySQL database using BezierSQL Library. I am unable to find any reference to SSL/TLS encryption in the library.

Thanks a lot and welcome to the processing forum!

Great to have you here!

I can’t help you with that. I just corrected the spelling in the Headline.

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Hey Thanks Chrisir,
I realised that :smile:

But anyways, I am seriously looking forward to getting the SSL/TLS security for my current project. Its still a week link in my project.

Anyone out there who can suggest how I can contact Florian Janet ?
Maybe I could ask him for some support.