Beginner (I assume?) Question: How do I make words appear onscreen

Hey guys, I’m trying to make text appear in a sketch when I touch ‘X’ value on my MPR121 TouchBoard. The problem is I’m not very familiar with Processing, so I was wondering how I might go about this. I feel like most of the “beginner” stuff I’ve looked at on YouTube isn’t… explaining basic concepts. I specifically really only need to make words render for this project. How best (and let’s be honest: easiest) might I go about this? This is the complete reference of all processing functions and even has tutorials on the site, for help with text specifically look here

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Did you get this working?

Have you already set up the touchboard with a serial sketch from a tutorial? eg using

After that is set up and you are sending messages to your sketch, the sketch can react by doing something.

void draw(){
    text("hello", 20, 20);