Arduino-processing glove

Hi! I am trying to make a glove with flex sensors using the arduino UNO board and connecting it to processing to create an animation of a hand.
The idea is to have a hand drawn in processing and every time a finger from the glove moves, the corresponding finger moves in processing.
Any help with the animation of the hand?

I would begin with playing around with these examples.

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2D or 3D hand animation? What will the animated hand be doing?

can’t run it here



Demonstrates the use of push and popMatrix to isolate transformations in a composite shape. In this case we have an alien alien hand (just 2 fingers and an opposing thumb), although it is simple enough to add more fingers.


Performs basic hand gesture recognitions(fingers counting). This example was compiled on Windows and it’s part of the last release of Blobscanner 0.3.4, a library for Processing that I wrote. The library was compiled on Windows,too, but it works on Linux(tested by my self) and on Mac(tested by others). That’s due,I suppose, to bytecode’s magic + the library using only primitive data type(all int,int[],few float) which are more or less the same on all the platforms. The download contains all the files needed to run the sketch.