Arduino Nano 33 IoT Basic LSM6DS3 Yaw Pitch & Roll on p5js via BLE [working]

I’m trying to create a basic cube visualisation of the LSM6DS3 on the Arduino 33 IoT in p5js using ble.js-

But I have to say the data I receive is totally random.

This is the Arduino code

This is the P5js

I excluded all the readings, in order to have just one, but the readings on the p5 side are super noisy


Will come back on this tomorrow morning, hope to find some help.

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I solved the issue (and several other after).
The main problem in that moment was that the float was read as two numbers (I think)

What I did is pass everything (yaw roll and pitch) in an array.

Here is a working pair of codes, passing the IMU service.

IMU BLE Arduino Nano 33 IoT example

BLE IMU Receiver Example