API 29 for Processing for Android

Good day to everyone, to the developers of this mode:

I am on the process of uploading my apk file to Google Play Console but it is requiring me an API of 29 or above for the release…

But unfortunately Processing for Android only builds at API 28

Do we have a support for API29? If so how do I change the sdk target from 28 to 29? I have tried to import other sdk via android studio and I’m failing to do so, also tried to change the preferences and adding the sdk platform 29 manually but to no avail…

Iet me know if you have any leads or tips for me. Tgank you

Hi @Erald
Personally, I have no experience with this, but you might want to read this topic from someone who uploaded one some time ago, inclusive AdMob.

I’d strongly suggest importing your sketch to Android Studio. It provides a great and immersive development environment with great code completion and auto fixes for common android errors. It will also make it a lot easier changing things like the API level or adding Admob ads.

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