APDE where to put drawables or xml files?

Hey fam,
can anyone tell me where I have to put my images so that i can use them as Drawables on APDE?
For example to use as a background for a TextView…

Until now i put them into the data folder and convert them on runtime into Drawables, which is kinda insane.
There must be a better solution for that.

And on another note but basically the same issue, where to put a style.xml so i can acces it to “setStyle()”…?
Or to actually do anything xml styling related stuff…

Many things one researches on the internet tells you:
“oh, simply use this xml, put it in you res/values folder and access is like that (some code)… and Bob’s your uncle…”

well… nope… don’t have that folder, so no xml magic here…
everything has to be done programmatically in the app code itself.

UNLESS… someone can tell me how to do that kinda stuff on APDE…
And I would love for someone to tell me!

So please, pretty please someone tell me :pray:

Cheers, AmyS3