Anyone tried Observable? It looks awesome!

So, I stumbled into this while browsing D3’s website. I think it looks pretty awesome, and may be useful for some members in the community. @kll would something like this help out with what you were looking for?


Yes, we had a conversation about observable and p5js integration last year, and I forked a template for it from work by Jeremy Wong:

Observable has been under rapid development, so I believe that the template may need to be updated – or may be superseded if p5 has been better integrated into the core – I haven’t looked recently.

Searching for p5.js / p5:

…here is an example p5 on Observable sketch:

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Thanks for sharing! It looks like a really powerful tool. It actually feels smoother than Jupyter Notebooks for Python.

I’ve noticed they’ve been making slight changes to the code and their UI over the last few months, so you’re right about the whole active development thing.

I’m drooling over the way it can present code and visualizations. I wonder if it’s possible to somehow plug Lottie into it. :thinking: