Anyone have a good idea? Math and Science

I have to visualize concepts and various examples :
about math and science.:raised_back_of_hand:
Do you have any good ideas?:thinking::thinking:

Please use a specific title and give more details in your question. “various concepts” about “math and science” could be almost anything. A “math concepts” could be subtraction. Or Hilbert spaces. A science concept could be momentum. Or string theory. Is this homework? Is there a target audience / age?

You might be interested in Rosetta Code.



Find something that interests you and start writing some code!
You may never stop.

My short list:

That is the short list…

Some “rough” work I have done with Processing:

Another topic:

Shameless plug…they used my video here:

It’s 23 years now…


And please change the subject… you can do better than that to generate interest.


That’s a hell of a post!

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