Anyone had success with p5js on ipads?

Has anyone used p5js in a class setting with ipads? I know it’s web-based but I’ve like it to “just work”. I’m teaching middle school and want to eliminate any barriers to using it!


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*Disclaimer: Not a teacher, just a college student

If you’re asking how easy it is to start out-of-the-box, it might be as easy as sending them to on their browsers. Will these ipads be connected to physical keyboards? Are the ipads restricted in any way?

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Thanks! I just went there and found on 2 browsers on my ipad (Chrome and FF), it seemed to work pretty well. I actually tried this a while ago and had to keep scrolling in the browser to see all the code and the canvas window. And that would be a dealbreaker for middle school students. Happy to see that wasn’t the case any more!

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Another option with some facilities for class galleries et cetera is – I haven’t taught with it myself, but it might be worth checking it.

There is also a roundup of various other web hosted sketch solutions that allow embedding in this thread (that includes p5.js, processing.js and python modes:

They vary widely in terms of how old / how maintained they are, level of openness, and which modes they support. For p5.js the editor and openprocessing are two popular choices.

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Thanks for all the resources. I’ve looked at openprocessing but didn’t have the $$ in my budget for that. It definitely looks great.

I’m pretty sure just regular will do the trick.

If you’re teaching young coders, take a look also at the editor from It is free.

The runtime is based on p5.js with a few extra libraries intergrated:, p5.SceneManager, TurtleGFX, and other “easy” functions!

Please see also the included projects and downloadable books.

As for running on an ipad — you can. A physical keyboard is an absolute must! However, if possible, better use a laptop / chromebook with mouse as development machine, otherwise you don’t get the full experience of processing API (especially if you want to develop programs that require mouse input)