Any P5js consultants out there who can connect

My name is Charles. I am looking hire a P5 guru to assist with troubleshooting of:

  • P5 while in instance mode
  • The ability to parse the various functions and ensure proper ordering for execution
  • The ability to solve errors such as “Error: Unsupported OpenType signature <!DO”
    If you are on the technical side I would love to connect.

Hi @Rhythmone,

Welcome to the forum! :wink:

If you want people to solve your issues, you need to (at least) post a sample code that we can reproduce. You can also search for error messages in older posts on the forum.

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Thank you for your reply. For the most part, yes, I do read and learn from this valuable forum and do understand about posting issues and using the community to triage.

I am looking for someone who can do consulting for P5js. I have backlog of issues to be addressed and would like to hire someone in to help. I need to be able to delegate to a resource for this body of work.