App Like instagram

Is it possible to program an app like Instagram with Processing? if so how should we do a community project?

Hi @Magical
Instagram is not exactly an app, but Instagram is an entirely visual platform.
You can make a (sort of) app, using a WebView. See this link, where a Youtube list is used. Just create an Instagram page instead.

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can I program something like that? (is a sketch)


Do you mean something like shown here?
It’s in shorthand P5.js, but I can post the java code if you want to.

No i mean all from the Sketch

the QR code is only an example as an image upload

Of course

You remind me of MonteliaRO, he has a similar style of writing briefly

I’m just forgetting the data😂

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So, by and large, is something like this possible via processing on the cell phone?

Dear Magical,

with all due respect, let me allow a remark:

Your questions are confusing and you are asking totally stuff within one discussion, especially because you are the same guy as MonteliaRO.

Your description of your video app was erratic. The questions here are as well.

The scale of the apps you are suggesting are huge and you have near to none experience.

I suggest grab some small projects like Pong and show some code that you actually written yourself.

Everything is possible.

Warm regards,


But if it’s possible … why don’t we help each other to make dreams possible?

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