[Android] How to 'smartphone background push notification'

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If you look at the image, it is a simple configuration diagram.

  1. The IP of the smartphone will change every time, so how can I make the ‘app’ run in the ‘background’?
  2. If the ‘application’ runs in the ‘background’, it periodically sends packets to read the IP address.
  3. When an event occurs, we want to notify the user through the ‘notification’ function.

you have a lot of choice to deal with it,since you are in Andriod,its can use inside native SDK or anything comes crross in you mind ,(in the close enviroment)

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Dear runnie, @runnie

Hello. Thank you for the reply.

Have you ever worked on a similar project?
If so, I think it would be of great help.

Yes there is. i used to Amazon web service to deal all the task (server side),basicly frontend is p5,you have to deal canvas and webview

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hello. Thank you for answer.

Have you ever processed it within ‘Android’ using the ‘Processing Tool’? I wonder.

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no,but i would happy to use it,i know the ability to let you complete the task,at that time when i implement ,only the notify part ,

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