Align Text in Scrollable List of ControlP5

Hello when I used scrollable List of ControlP5 the text gets aligned to top left.

How to change it to middle?
Please help.

My declaration is as below:

cp5.addScrollableList("scrollableList_RPM_Limit").addItems(Arrays.asList("No Limit","12","22","38")).changeValue(2).setPosition(100,200).setSize(90,100).setBarHeight(30).setItemHeight(30).setFont(guiBaseFont).close().moveTo("tab2");


Center horizontal or center vertical? It’s centered vertically on my system(Mac). What special font are you using? I used the default font.

I am using Arial Font. If I remove the changeFont function, it becomes CENTERED VERTICALLY which is what I want. By the way, I am currently using Arial Font in my whole GUI and just noticed this issue, So I don’t want to change font until it’s the last possible way as I may have to make many adjustments.

Here is the code:

import controlP5.*;
import java.util.*;

ControlP5 cp5;

void setup(){
  cp5= new ControlP5(this);
  PFont guiBaseFont=createFont("Arial", 15); //Font for GUI controllers other than TABs (with all Large Case letters)
  cp5.addScrollableList("scrollableList_RPM_Limit").addItems(Arrays.asList("No Limit","12","22","38")).changeValue(2).setPosition(100,200).setSize(90,200).setBarHeight(30).setItemHeight(30).setFont(guiBaseFont).close().moveTo("default");

void draw(){