Adding a border to the window in a P3D environment?

Hi. How would I apply a border to the window when I have a P3D environment?

What I mean is that I want the object that is floating below my ship model to instead be locked to the edges of the a border.

I’m using PeasyCam as an easy way to move a camera around the environment, so setting the picture to the correct position and keeping it there isn’t an option.

If what you want to do is draw this as an image like a GUI, I made a topic a while ago about making a GUI in a 3D sketch, which is like having a 2D canvas in front of the camera:

It’s relatively simple to implement, but I’m not sure how it plays with peasycam.

EDIT: A comment on the linked topic shows you how to draw a GUI using peasycam

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Thanks a ton! That helped me a lot!!!