Processing 3 : two windows at time , one 2d and one 3d

Hi, I’m quite new of Processing 3,and is my first post in the forum.
I’m working on a project that require two windows , one 2D and one 3d. The 2D window will be used to display a series of fata coming from a serial port (points coordinates ) plus other info and the 3d will be used to draw spheres in a 3D space based on coordinates received . I’ve found some post where is explaned how to create two windows using G4P or other solution but always in 2D and I’ve not idea if is doable with mixed windows mode , considering that the scope is that every time is received a new coordinate from the serial ,a new spheres is added in the 3D space. Before I start to spend time on this idea I would like to know firs if is possible do it in Processing 3 and is there any example code from wich I can start . Thanks Roberto.

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It’s possible with g4p

But maybe it’s not necessary

There are ways to make 2D text on top of a 3D scene, even when you use Peasycam

like a HUD

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Hi Chrisir,
good ,I’ve found some good examples of Peasycam and HUD on which start to study.
Thanks again.