About creating an add on to draw graphs in p5

I’m thinking of creating a library for drawing graphs in p5 sketch. We may provide options like where the origin is, dimensions of the graph, width of each unit in each axes, labels, function to be plotted etc. A graph will be created with the function plotted in the sketch according to these values. Are there any other libraries that exist already for this purpose?

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A little while back @NeilTheSeal shared his program for visualising vectors. He mentions the Graphica.js library, perhaps that’s something to look into.


Yes, Grafica.js is on the p5js.org website. I use it, but it hasn’t been actively maintained for a while, so I would recommend forking the library and using it as a basis to make your own. Also, message me if you have any questions, since I’ve worked with it quite a bit.