8GB or 16GB RAM recommended?

Hi. I’m buying a laptop for Processing and possibly Android studio. It’s not possible to install additional RAM in this laptop after purchase. I can buy it with 8 or 16 GB RAM. Which would you recommend?

I’m someone who likes to leave several programmes open at once, and several tabs in my browser. I’d like to switch quickly between applications.

Laptop in mind is HP Envy, 13,3 inch screen, Windows 10.


In terms of running processing 8GB is plenty as long as you’re not trying to run multiple sketches at the same time because java limits the amount of memory available. You can read more about it here but chances are it would be limited itself to 1GB. The only time I’ve ever had a problem was when I was rendering a sketch at over 10000 by 10000 with a couple high res images being loaded in. If I remember right it took between 2GB and 3GB to run that one.

In terms of other programs running in the background I suggest you watch this video which a good overview of how chrome and some other programs likes after effects might factor in.

not take this seriously, but i think it is a valid aspect:

working on a 40euro computer with 1GB RAM shared by CPU & GPU
( Raspberry Pi 3B ( and 3B+ ) ) ( connected to a 24" TV or operated by VNC )
i will never be able to produce and run sketches like you might do in future,
but as Processing is for learning ( and not so much for production )
i think that “learning” capability works also on small hardware.

for your specific use for develop processing code for the android world sure the
specialists will comment on, but also there i would think that your “product” should later run on a 2GB RAM mobile, if there is a 16GB RAM windows required to make it, something is wrong with the tools.

anyhow i wish you fun with a 13" laptop at ? 4K ?

Thanks. I can save a lot of money if only get 8GB.

So, compiling code, especially if you eventually want to port to java & Android or any other device, is RAM intensive. 8 GB is plenty for a lot of builds / code compilation (though depending on the specific code, your build may take a significant amount of time) , and you can always close tabs if you need to :).

But in general, with laptops where you cannot add more memory, always a good rule of thumb to get as much ram and storage as you can afford, especially if you plan to keep the machine for a few years…

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Something tells me there are more than just memory capacity differences there?! :thinking: Are the CPU and GPU specs the same?

EDIT - versions I can find suggest i5 vs i7 and 256GB vs 512 GB SSD for a start.

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Thanks. I can save a lot of money if only get 8GB.

Buy as much RAM and CPU as you can afford. As you want to have several applications open at once, having more system RAM will facilitate that. I’ve never heard anyone complain about having too much RAM … :+1: