Youtube Channel Which Makes Beginner Friendly Videos

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For a while now I have had a idea lurking around of starting up a Processing youtube channel. I am thinking about beginner friendly videos. All things evolved around graphical things. I am quite inspired by Daniel Shiffman as he aims to make quite good beginner friendly videos but as I see his coding challenges solutions can be quite hacky. ( I would like to replicate, some of his the idea) Some even for a beginner can be extremely confusing. I would like to deliver a beginner friendly content that easy to understand and write. In this instance on my channel I would also explain in each video what is going to be done for example taking a Tic - Tac - Toe game. I would explain the logic what it means to win. Drawing the grid etc…

Why do you guys think? My content in some instances would be quite similar to that of Daniel Shiffman. I wouldn’t want to effect / jeopardize his community.

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Look for Dan Shiffman’s ‘The Coding Train’ channel. He’s a Professor at NYU’s ITP program, and has worked pretty hard to get content out there.



yes, but prior of teaching how to make a game
should be a intro:

if someone see this you not need to tell him how good processing is,
but what it is for “learning teaching math graphic … "
and what might be needed is more like " what it is NOT for”

-a- how to setup processing IDE ( win / linux / OS X / PI )
/ download / unzip ( to where ) / set a sketchbook path /
-b- first test:
/ File / Examples / … / [RUN]
-c- first own code:
save as / archive / post forum / github /

  • internal libraries
  • contributed libraries
  • added libraries
  • use .java files
  • use .jar files

-e- IDE goodies
/ template / archive / export
/ examples / libraries / help

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I feel Daniel Shiffman has done a great job on this. I would more so prefer take ideas explain their logic of the problem and showcase a short but easy to understand way of getting the idea / concept finished.
( All things I would do would be pre prepared except code )
Thank you for your reply !

I have watched very few of Daniel Shiffman’s coding train videos, in fact I can probably count them on the fingers of one hand. I tend to find them when I am searching for some specific topic, for instance I was looking how to create tileable noise maps for terrain generation for the next version of Shapes3D. I found one of his coding train videos on Open Simplex noise which was extrememely helpful.

OK having found his coding train videos I was extremely impressed with the organisation of content, delivery pace, level of background explanation and overall production quality (I suspect he has a student production team :wink: ), but there is one thing that stands out above all else, it’s Daniael’s obvious enthusiasm for programming and teaching others. Although I don’t have the technical video production skills (see my videos for GUI Builder and Game Control Plus) I share his passion and enthusiasm for programming.

As an ex University Lecturer (computer programming) I cannot stress how important for the teacher to be enthusiatic about his/her topic but even that is not enough because all students have a prefered learning style. It means that no single teaching/information source is ever enough so althogh the coding train is an awesome resource there is always room for more teaching materials.

One thing that is difficult for programmers is finding that resource that is on topic and at the right level. I think something like Wikipedia for Processing / programmers would be great where a single topic is covered by several articles that increase in depth and complexity so the programmer can learn complex ideas at a pace they can cope with.


Hello there!

I guess I will give it a go for a while. See how it feels and see how people enjoy it!


Being a noob in processing myself, I feel like there is no videos that I am missing honestly. The greatest barriers that I had to overcome was mainly motivational. I struggled to believe that I was capable of coding for a while, or that coding could be fun. I started trying to learn javascript from books, and found them uninteresting or incomplete. Ie I would attempt to utilize an example out of context, and lo and behold the code would not work, meaning I was back to square one and losing motivation.

I found the same thing for most youtube channels, ie thenewboston, which posted playlists and playlists worth of code. Usually though the code was very specific to said example and couldn’t be used out of context .

what I liked about Dan is that he would guide you through a whole project, and you could copy the entire code and it would work. Also his content is free. No signups, no fees.

Nowadays I like to try and find content which applies to what I’m looking to code. Having had a look at a channel called Javidx9, who offers practical coding in c++ c# and c. I find that there is a lot more content which could be offered in these language environment, he focuses on console applications (cmd), but has produced really interesting programs, ie a cmd prompt ray tracer etc. Personally I would suggest machine learning, just because theres not much working content online, but the main thing I can suggest is to share things that you are passionate about. That way people hopefully gravitate towards your passion and love of code, which is necessary for any coders.

There are other channels if one wants to learn the math behind programming. But the biggest barrier to entry is working code.


Also what is your channel name?

The channel name currently does not exist I am afraid. ( I have a previous one but name isn’t suiting or anything ) Any suggestions for a name ?

Ok here’s an one I planned to use previously but dunno how effective the name is.

Not sure, if i was making a channel i would call it coding foundations, but that might sound slightly corporate-y

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Something like processing fun or fun with processing or

processing easy fun

Processing easy entry

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Thank you for the suggestions that all here ! I guess when I get around getting it all I will certainly take these I to account ! Also any video suggestion topics would be great ! ( Credit will be given to all suggestions in videos ).

Maybe some suggestions here

im the essays section

see Home · Kango/Processing-snippets Wiki · GitHub

please,if you could do a tutorial video on adding soud library in apde,that would be nice. please tag me and tnx