With 'Essentia', is this compatible with Processing? Additionally can it get the tempo, key signature and loudness?

I was looking at Essentia and it said it is compatible with Python and JavaScript but I am not sure if this is compatible with Processing or not? This library deals with audio. Here is the link to its Github repo https://github.com/MTG/essentia

If it is compatible with Processing, from the audio file, am I able to get its tempo/ beats per minute, key signature or pitch and the loudness of the song?

It says that it is a C++ library.
I feel like you should try researching, googling and reading a bit before posting another question about sound libraries :smiley:

look at minims functions maybe you’ll find what you are looking for:

Edit: looks like getTempo() doesnt really work. I dont know if I tried it wrong tho.

That is literally

what I have been doing and there doesn’t seem to be anything easy to use, either that or support Processing.

Yes, using getTempo() does not work for me as well. I have been really trying to find out what to use as an alternative but its very hard to find.

By the way I am not interested in setting the tempo, I want to only get the tempo. But anyways thanks for the help.

I said this because it says it is a c++ library on the first sentence of the github repo. And if you go into their site, there is a documentation available and it says getting tempo is one of its features. :smiley:

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But they do support Python as well that is why I was a bit confused, nothing more :slight_smile:

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If they support phyton, you could try it with processing.py. It’ll work maybe? I don’t know much about phyton libraries.

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Thanks anyways mate :slight_smile: